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  2. Community Contacts

    Search through contact information for various businesses within the city.

  3. FAQs

    Search through FAQs about the community.

  4. History

    Find out about the history of the township.

  5. New Resident's Page

    On behalf of the Board of Supervisors for Middlesex Township, I would like to welcome you as a resident to the Township of Middlesex. A Township of the 2nd Class established in the late 1700s, Middlesex is characterized by its rural-residential atmosphere, conservatism and controlled growth patterns.

  6. Parks & Recreation

    There have been many additions and donations from various organizations and we thank you for your generosity. Come check out the park; it's sure to be a fun, relaxing time!

  7. Public Notices & Announcements

    The 2nd Class Township Code requires all municipalities to annually name a newspaper of local circulation to publish legal notices. Middlesex utilizes the Butler Eagle for this purpose.

  8. Tax Office

    Learn more about Jane Roth, the Real Estate Tax Collector.

  9. Local Earned Income Tax

    Sometimes referred to as Wage Tax, the Earned Income Tax for Middlesex Township is a 1% tax levied on the earned income and net profits of Middlesex Township residents.

  10. Act 13-The Unconventional Gas Well Impact Fee

    Signed into law on February 14, 2012, Act 13 of 2012 amends Title 58 (Oil and Gas) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues. The Act provides for the imposition of an unconventional gas well fee, often referred to as a drilling impact fee. The fees collected are disbursed to local and state entities for purposes that that been specifically outlined in the law. The Act also requires that each county and municipality that receives funds through the imposition of this impact fee file an annual report with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission that sets forth the amount of the funds received and how they were used. That report is required to be published on the municipal website. This is the newest version of the Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report